Tomorrow's eclectic answer.

Letting a story unfold in an optimum way, includes having a special mixture of ingredients. Ingredients that form a unique and refreshing combination, while making a difference.

While you're working on the greater objective, we bring in the details. Progressive details that start a conversation in today's world. Let us point out that special technique, the latest tool or that specific design. Let us find your eclectic answer.

Tomorrow’s eclectic answer in film, events, design and (digital) communication.

Your Wunderhund

Six notions for an eclected tomorrow.

1. Be progressive, stop wasting time with the obsolete.

No one is going to wait for you to get by. Be upfront by daring to make a statement or show a vision. Don't fear the unexploited!

2. Don’t integrate, start electing.

Integration is for the lazy ones. Blocking potential by trying to do it all or make it all the same. Neglecting every mediums own set of unique features. Elect the features that suite your cause and unleash their full potential.

3. Let go of your easy gimmicks. Grow up!

An app for sake of having an app, QR-codes, endless amounts of social-network buttons. It's a hollow horse stealing your attention.

4. Everything is equally important.

Having a great campaign, but a lousy website, still makes a poor experience. Make it all great or shorten that chain.

5. Stay aware of the on-demand and be unforeseen.

Asking your customers is like boarding the way-back machine. A mediocre result of has been, been there and seen that. Be the one that surprises.

6. Join the optimists.

The digital-age isn't complicated, it's just digital. Nothing has changed, poor design is still poor design. That's 2015, where a lot can be achieved with minimal effort.

We are the hybrids.

Peter Gosens


Maurits Veldhuijzen van Zanten

We’re not some fancy group of specialists. Which may be a smaller circus, but is still filled with people having their own cause. Giving true eclectic answers, requires a hybrid. A hybrid that burns on creativity and technology as well. A true hybrid that sees potential, what otherwise would remain unseen.

If an idea seems impossible, we build something to make it work. If something doesn't work, we come-up with an idea to do it different. Should we nevertheless hit our limitations, we have a extensive network of specialists. Ready to assist us when things grow large.

Ask us for todays insight on your matter. Embed us in your team, to revive that creative action. Or call us for help, to thrive your project from a meltdown.

Our stamina is almost everlasting, we won’t give up until the work has been done. There ’s always an answer.

Your Wunderhund

Let's get excited.



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Also, when your view is turning into a major deception or having problems cracking that deadline. Relax, take a deep breath and dail-in our number or hit that sent button.

Your Wunderhund