Tacx Neo Launch.


Gerrit Schreurs
Maurits Veldhuijzen van Zanten (Wunderhund)
Peter Gosens (Wunderhund)


Gerrit Schreurs Photography & Film


Simon Wilkinson

Music and sound design

Wouter D. Snel (Macloud Amsterdam)



Tacx is a leading manufacturer of modern day cycling trainers. Combing hardware with the latest software features like: multiplayer racing, virtual reality rides and extensive training programs.

Gerrit Schreurs asked us to team up, delivering a full product launch event for Tacx’s latest product. The Tacx Neo, a new high-end trainer, pushing the bar on extensive professional training.

We wanted to communicate the essence of the Neo; bringing a true road feel to your trainer. This led us to the idea of using a four screen setup. Where each screen has its own audio. Giving a sensation of standing on a rural mountain road or sitting inside a machine manufacturing the Neo’s circuitboard. All while having the ability to look around and hearing different sounds from different directions.

To sum it all up, a custom-made 4d product launch film experience.
Using four 5x3 meter Full HD screens and four seperate audio setups, we were giving a true sensention of really standing in another reality.
In one day we converted 9500 sq feet airplane hangar into our product launch event.
Designing a road inspired line pattern made out-of blacklight tape covering the floor, created a technological and virtual atmosphere of suspense upfront our show.
To quickly record our 4d footage, we made a compact custom rig.


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